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Gerard Thomas Straub

Gerard Thomas Straub (GTS) is a documentary filmmaker who produces films focused on the plight of the poor and some of the heroic people who minister to them. A Secular Franciscan, Gerry is also an award-winning author with three honorary doctorates in recognition of his work. Desiring a more direct service to the poor, he established and directs the Santa Chiara Children’s Center. Located in Haiti, the Center is home to over 40 children from infants to teenagers.

This prologue to one of Gerry's films, Endless Exodus (2004),  introduces us to Gerry as well as to the spiritual depth found in his work.

Watch the full film here


The vision of GTS: Putting the power of film at the service of the poor through Pax et Bonum Communications
The vision of GTS: The move from filmmaking to directly serving children in Haiti by creating the Santa Chiara Children's Center
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Gerry is available for speaking engagements and retreats where he will use his films and stories to inspire participants to see God incarnate in the poor and reflect on God's call to love each other.
Read Notre Dame Magazine article "A Life Unscripted" about Gerry's journey to directly serve to Haitian children caught in a world of poverty and violence.
Gerry's new book, "Reading Thomas Merton and Longing for God in Haiti" tells of what he has learned spiritually over the last eight years.



The Tragic Trials of Haiti

Featured in Notre Dame Magazine, read the article and listen to the audio essay, The Tragic Trials of Haiti by Gerard Thomas Straub.

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