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Gerry's journey from atheism to serving the poor through the power of film and story were the inspiration for many books about his film making and about his spirituality that grew from his encounter with the poorest of the poor, and God incarnate in them.
Highlighted Books
merton book.jpg
“This new book is the finest rendition of Gerard Straub’s on-a-rough-road contemplative life in action. He recounts the influence of the monk Thomas Merton on his conversion and contemplative life. Straub’s journal reflections share his whole-hearted commitment to aid the most vulnerable.”
—L’Osservatore Romano

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After more than four years of intense work in Haiti, GTS began to commit himself to the rejuvenating power of authentic solitude in order to turn his attention to his own inner spiritual poverty. In the silent predawn darkness of each Haitian morning he waits, reflects, and prays. This book emerged slowly from those many lonely hours of silence.
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Of this first place winner in the hardcover spirituality book category in the 2001 annual Catholic Press Awards, “The Catholic Journalist” wrote:“This book is an invitation to listen to a seductive story of how this man, who had walked away from God, got ‘pulled’ back, not simply into a relationship with God, but into the mystery of God, led and lured by a guide who lived 800 years ago.

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Journey to Meekness.jpg

“Distilling his prize-winning, The Sun and Moon Over Assisi, and re-fashioning an image of St. Francis drawn from his work and presence among the poorest of the poor in places like Uganda and Haiti, Gerard Straub gives us a St. Francis of and for the Poor: the materially poor and those who are in poor of spirit. Here is a humble, mellow pen ‘trying to fall in love with Francis again’ and in the process finding words to reveal the depths of a St. Francis who speaks in the poverty of our own loneliness and longing in the 21st Century.”

—In the Introduction, by Murray Bodo, OFM

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Looking In Looking Out Cover.jpg
Looking In, Looking Out is a touching and poignant collection of Gerry Straub's writings on creativity, spirituality, poverty, and most important, peace. These essays and articles are taken from his previous books and other published works, written about his exploits to the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. Gerry's The Sun & Moon Over Assisi was named the “Best Spirituality Hardcover Book of the Year”

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List of Books by Gerard Thomas Straub
  • Reading Thomas Merton and Longing for God in Haiti: Learning Wisdom in the School of My Life
  • Looking In, Looking Out
  • A Journey to Meekness
  • Sunrise of the Soul: My journey from Hollywood to Haiti
  • The Sun & Moon Over Assisi

  • When Did I See You Hungry? (photo/essay)

  • Thoughts of a Blind Beggar

  • Hidden in the Rubble

  • The Loneliness and Longing of Saint Francis

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