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What They are Saying

People from around the country share how they have been touched by the work and message of Gerard Thomas Straub through his presentations.


Bishop David E. Fellhauer Diocese of Victoria in Texas

“I attended Gerry Straub’s keynote presentation at our annual diocesan Catechetics and Ministry Conference and was most impressed. The presentation was powerful and conscience-stirring. It seemed that everyone present was deeply moved.”

Louis P. De Angelo, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools Diocese of Wilmington

Gerry Straub offered a compelling presentation, "Prayer and Poverty", to 700+ Catholic school educators that moved them to silence, to reflection, and hopefully, to action. The combination of his life story and video of his ministry deepened their understanding about St. Francis of Assisi and raised their consciousness about the meaning of poverty.

Inspired by his presentation and his craft, the educators returned to their schools with a clear definition of the call to mercy, compassion, and love.

Fr. Jim BrokmanPastor

Holy Name Catholic Church West Union, Iowa

“In our day, it’s not uncommon to find issues of justice treated as separate from spirituality, dogma, and liturgy. In his powerful “Poverty & Prayer” presentation at our church, Gerry was able to help us to understand that these are all intimately related. Indeed, take justice out of the picture and we become poor shadows of what God means for us to be. Touched by scenes of poverty, though, the questions that so often haunt us all become clear - we understand why our worship, belief, and prayer are so very important. Thank you Gerry for helping us to see and to know God’s love and God’s will for our lives. May God bless you in your continued efforts to bring the face of Jesus to we who long for his life.”

Sarah Widener Business/Program Office Coordinator

River’s Edge (A retreat center operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph)

Poverty and Prayer, presented by Gerard Thomas Straub, offers an honest and raw look at poverty, homelessness and hunger in the world today. What made Gerry’s presentation so powerful was that he connected us to real human beings and shared with us their lives and stories through film. He then helped us to see these individuals within the bigger, systemic context of poverty, both at home and around the world, and showed us the efforts of organizations to provide care to the impoverished and marginalized. Gerry deepened this experience further by interweaving his personal faith journey throughout the presentation. He shared from his heart his experience of following the calling of Christ and the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi into welcoming the outcasts with compassion and finding refreshment and renewal for his difficult work in prayer, silence and contemplation. This is a unique, thought-provoking, compassion-deepening presentation that will stick with anyone who has the opportunity to experience it.

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