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Video Reflections for Individuals or Small Groups
Paschal Mystery in Haiti

Gerard Straub is offering three video reflections for individuals and small faith-sharing groups, using excerpts from Mud Pies and Kites, his film about Haiti at the time of the 2010 earthquake.

Gerard is a filmmaker, founder of the Santa Chiara Children’s Center and Academy in Haiti, and author of Reading Thomas Merton and Longing for God in Haiti. He left the wealth of Hollywood to document, and then to live with, God’s Anawim, the Poor.  


We suggest you use Visio Divina, a process for prayer and reflection. Spend time with God, God’s beloved in Haiti, and with your own calling to choose to love.

Visio Divina

Step 1 – Pick a time and place for yourself or a small group where distractions will be minimal, preferably non-existent. Close your eyes. Relax and focus on your breathing and the presence of God who gives us the gift of life and breath. Relax, clear your mind, and when ready, watch the video.


Step 2 – Watch the video. As in Lectio Divina, trust that God is present in this time of reflection, especially as we encounter others who are God’s beloved like we are.


Step 3 – What is God saying through the images and sounds of the video? What catches your attention? What is God calling you to? You may also want to use the provided questions to help in reflection.


Step 4 – Respond in prayer. Try to give words to your experience. Think of how, through action, you will choose to love today.


Step 5 – Sit in silence with God, with the beloved in the film, and with your true self.

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